Ballot Measure 26-15 and the Benefits of Water Fluoridation

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As everyone in Portland is probably aware by now, there’s currently a debate brewing in our community about Ballot Measure 26-15. The poll results for Ballot Measure 26-151 will determine whether or not fluoride will be added to our Portland’s water supply. There’s science supporting both sides of the argument, but the most compelling amount of research supports the benefits of fluoride, outweighing the risks. It’s important that voters stay informed about both sides of Ballot Measure 26-151, so they can make the right decision. There’s plenty of credible, trustworthy sources, that tout the many benefits of water fluoridation.

The amount of research available supporting a yes vote on Ballot Measure 26-15, is flooring. In 2007, a study titled “Effectiveness of fluoride in preventing caries in adults.” reports its findings. This report was based on a body of research featuring data from twenty studies, spanning well over twenty years. The results stated that, based on all of the data analyzed; “These findings suggest that fluoride prevents caries among adults of all ages.” The study, was done by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Division of Oral Health. It was published in The National Center for Biotechnology Information. That’s a very thorough study, but it doesn’t answer all of the questions related to water fluoridation.

Australia has been fluoridating water, and gathering data on its effects on the population, since the 1960’s. The Australian Dental Association released a statement in March, regarding their most recent findings. “Not only does this new research further support the beneficial effects of fluoridation, previously shown for children, it shows the beneficial effects on adult populations.” Australia’s comprehensive research on water fluoridation has served to help cement the belief that water fluoridation is a good thing for the populations that receive it. Be sure to keep these findings in mind when voting on Ballot Measure 26-15.

Ninety’s funny man, Pacific Northwest native, and scientist, Bill Nye, even supports water fluoridation. “Your teeth are healthier, your populace is healthier, you live longer, if you have fluoridated water. This goes way, way back.” Nye said in an interview. Adding things to the water supply is serious business, and you’re right to be concerned, and stay informed on matters related to Ballot Measure 26-15. It’s hard to argue with science however, and most research available supports the benefits of water fluoridation.

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