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The Science Behind The Causes Of Tooth Pain

That throbbing, gnawing tooth pain you experience from chomping into a particularly cold bite of ice cream or feel after taking a sip of scalding hot coffee is something that nearly all of us can identify with. If you’ve ever wonder why exactly we experience toothaches, your dentist in Hillsdale, Portland has your answer. Basically,…

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New Research Targets Tooth Decay Prevention in Kids

Childhood tooth decay is a problem for more than just family dental care in SW Portland. The condition has become a global concern that impacts the lives of millions of kids each year. To shed some light on just how big a problem childhood tooth decay has become, researchers in Melbourne, Australia decided to take…

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Tooth Decay Increases Risk Of Stroke

At Southwest Portland Dental, our staff of Portland family dental care experts want to ensure every patient enjoys a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Not only can quality oral health help improve the function and appearance of your smile, recent studies have also found that better oral health can lower your risk of a…

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Don't Forget To Scrape Your Tongue

As your family dentist in Southwest Portland, Dr. Howard Jarvis works to teach patients about the best practices for protecting the long-term health their teeth and gums. By far, the most important steps a patient can take to maintain and improve his or her oral health is to brush twice a day, floss daily and…

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Squeezable Snacks Could Hurt Kids' Teeth

As a provider of family dental care in SW Portland , Dr. Howard Jarvis understands that for parents on the run, finding any kind of time saving shortcut can make a huge difference when trying to meet the demands of an always hectic schedule. To satisfy the demands of busy parents, a number of baby…

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Diabetics Must Work Harder to Maintain Their Oral Health

If you suffer from diabetes, managing your blood sugar levels isn’t the only thing you’ll need to work harder at in order to stay healthy. Individuals with diabetes also have a higher risk of suffering from oral health problems due to the disease’s ability to impact how effectively your body fights harmful bacteria that grows…

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Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Individuals who suffer from gum disease and other dental ailments have an increased risk of becoming infected with oral human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted virus that studies have linked to causing between 40 and 80 percent of all throat cancers, according to a recent study. Those participating in the study that reported having poor oral…

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Parents Behavior Can Affect Kids Oral Health

A new study published in the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene has brought renewed attention on the existing crisis that exists in children’s oral care and provides a proven method of treatment and behavior modification that has shown success in improving the way kids approach oral hygiene. In the study, researchers at the DentaQuest Institute…

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Study Finds Protein Could Help Prevent Gum Disease & MS

In a new study, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found a protein previously known to treat gum disease can also block relapses in mice with a condition very similar to multiple sclerosis. The jump from experiment on gum disease to investigating the effects of this protein, clinically referred to as Del-1, on MS…

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