Nothing can inform you about the compassionate, state-of-the-art dental care and positive experience patients receive with  SW Portland dentist Dr. Goldwyn and the entire staff at Southwest Portland Dental team as what our patients have to say! Read testimonials from a few of our clients and learn why you’ll want to become a patient too.

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What our Patients Say:


"Our 15-year-old twins feel so comfortable in this office that they don’t even need parents to go with them. Where else besides Drs Jarvis and Goldwyn’s can you find a teenager-friendly office! Drs. Jarvis and Goldwyn include the patient as part of the decision making team. They don’t talk at us and tell us what needs to be done. They put information into context and highly respect our opinion when making recommendations.

They are part of the Hillsdale Community. Besides seeing them in a dental chair, we see them at Soccer games and community activities. Everyone knows us and our family. Drs. Jarvis and Goldwyn are genuinely interested in our family, not just our family’s dental health."

"I had bad experiences with dentists as a youth which led me to fear seeing them. Then I was talked into visiting Dr. Jarvis by my girlfriend (now my wife). Since that first time when Dr. Jarvis and his staff put me at ease with their kindness and professionalism, I can truly say I don’t fear going to the dentist anymore.:
- Thomas T

"I’ve been a patient since 1995 and I am very satisfied. Dr. Jarvis’s team is warm and gracious and always makes sure I am comfortable. The care I receive is exceptional. I recommend Dr. Jarvis to everyone."
- Christopher K

"For pain wimps like me, Drs. Jarvis and Goldwyn’s focus on keeping patients as pain-free as possible really helps me not to be afraid of getting regular and consistent dental care. I have also been very impressed with their philosophy of conserving my existing teeth for as long as possible rather than immediately recommending the most aggressive and expensive treatment option. I fully trust in their judgment."
- Mike R

"I’ve been going to Dr. Jarvis for over 20 years. Dr. Jarvis, associates and staff are extremely quick, efficient, precise and compassionate. My comfort and dental needs are always a top priority at Dr. Jarvis’s office. He does excellent work and explains everything easily. With his long time experience I know he will take care of all my dental work. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."
-Burt S

"Dr. Jarvis and Dr. Goldwyn are wonderful dentists and I recommend them highly. They are very good at what they do and they offer a convenient, comfortable location right in the heart of Hillsdale, where I live and work. Technically proficient, efficient yet caring, they are first class in every way."
- Mike M

"Drs. Jarvis, Goldwyn and staff are always courteous, efficient and friendly. If you have a dental emergency, they are quick to respond and help you resolve your problem. Dr. Jarvis has been by dentist for 20 years and I trust him and his staff completely to care for my dental needs."
- Pauline S

"I am an RN and Certified Dental Assistant with 25 years of dental experience. In 1997 when my family and I were looking for a new dentist, we needed an experienced, knowledgeable, personable, honest, conservative dentist, and yet whose office operates with all requirements of sterilization, advanced dental technology and high standards of quality care and satisfying service.

Dr. Jarvis and his amazing staff have all those qualities and more. This dental office is the whole package of excellence, friendliness and efficiency, and Dr. Jarvis and his staff with Dr. Goldwyn on board deliver painless, pleasant dental experiences. On behalf of my family: Thank you Dr. Jarvis and staff for your quality job and for making beautiful smiles."
- Difa K

"Dr. Jarvis has been my dentist for over 26 years. In my opinion he is a first class dentist, businessman and person. As his practice has grown, he has had almost zero turnover in his office. It truly says something special about him. From a patient’s point of view, that continuity is a source of comfort. I believe Howard and his staff are caring and compassionate. They are always interested in each patient personally, as well as professionally. I am impressed upon their desire to stay current with new trends in technology and techniques. In my opinion, they are the best!"
-MacKenzie F

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