What is Your Morning Dental Routine?

morning dental routineA dental routine is part of the overall process of waking up and getting on with the day. Dentists in Hillsdale Portland Dr. Tiffany Goldwyn and Dr. Howard Jarvis and their team at Southwest Portland Dental encourage patients of all ages to maintain their dental health through a thorough and effective dental routine each morning.

But what makes a good morning dental routine? What daily habits should be included for good overall dental health? Let’s take a look.

Brush Before or After Breakfast?

Some of our patients at Southwest Portland Dental prefer to brush their teeth as soon as they get out of bed, while others ask,  “If I brush before breakfast, won’t my teeth just get dirty all over again?”

Brushing before breakfast can be beneficial as the number of bacteria present on the surfaces of your teeth is reduced before being exposed to food. When the acid production is less than normal, the damage to teeth is also reduced, which helps fight tooth decay. If you use fluoride toothpaste, this can provide extra protection since tooth enamel incorporates the mineral into itself to defend against acid.

But there is some truth to waiting until after breakfast to brush your teeth, simply because they like to have a glass of orange juice or cup of coffee without the added flavoring that toothpaste provides. This keeps bacteria from turning food particles into the acid that harms teeth, brushes away plaque, and offers an excellent opportunity for flossing. It also keeps your mouth fresh and rinsed, ready for the day!

Regardless of when you choose to brush your teeth in the morning, it’s also imperative to brush them at night before bed. Bacteria has a naturally tough competitor in our mouth and that is saliva. However, during the night our mouth dries up so keeping them clean before bed is ideal. It is especially important if you’re a sleeper who sleeps with the mouth open. Even the lack of movement from the lips and tongue while sleeping gives bacteria a chance to wreck havoc.

More Morning Dental Routine Tips

Avoiding dental erosion in the morning is of utmost importance for long-term good dental health. Here are a few suggestions for your morning routine to help!

  • When you’re drinking an acidic drink such as juice or coffee, use a straw to reduce the amount of contact with your teeth.
  • If you can do without the juice or coffee, try drinking water or milk.
  • Chew on some sugar free gum after eating. Gum chewing produces saliva which neutralizes the acid in your mouth
  • Another way to neutralize the acid is to finish your meal with milk or cheese.

Nothing can replace the effectiveness of a solid morning routine for good dental health, which will help give you a bright and healthy smile for the rest of each day! To shake up your dental routine, call Portland dentists Dr. Jarvis and Dr. Goldwyn at 503-244-8112 to schedule your personal appointment!